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Xiaomi launched Redmi Watch alongside Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G. Redmi Watch is an entry-level budget smartwatch with common features. However, the look-alike design of the Oppo watch and its price tag make it so special. We are not sure whether it will arrive in Nepal or not, but let’s discuss the price of Redmi watch in Nepal and its features.

If Redmi Watch is launched in Nepal, its competitor will be Realme Watch, available in a similar price range. However, the popularity of Xiaomi will make a big difference. Earlier, Xiaomi was named the No.1 smartphone brand in Nepal. This fact is enough to capture the Nepalese market.

Presentation of the Xiaomi Redmi watch

Square display and design

The Xiaomi Redmi watch has a 1.4 inch square IPS LCD display with HD resolution of 320px320p. The screen is large and equipped with a 2.5D tempered glass screen. Plus, the watch has 120 Plus dials or Watch Faces to say. Say goodbye to the same boring watch faces and get different watch faces for 4 consecutive months.


The watch has a 50 meter water resistant design. Yes, you heard me right, you can swim while wearing it or even surf as well as make the most of the beach. The weight of the watch is only 35g. Hence, it is too comfortable when worn.

On the right edge a button is mounted. The finish on the strap and body is Nordic inspired and the premium Morandi colors give colorful vibes. It has contrasting and solid colors which make it perfect to go with your outfits.


The body is available in three colors; Elegant black, ivory white as well as ink blue. The strap features two other colors; Cherry blossom powder as well as pine needle green. In addition, the strap is made of Skin Friendly TPU. The combination of colors and design makes the watch ready to rock into everyday, street or sports outfits.

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Health and Fitness Features

Xiaomi Redmi Watch comes with all popular and exciting health and fitness features. 30-day heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring as well as 7 sport modes are some of the featured features.

xioami redmi watch review

The watch doesn’t just monitor your heart for now or for just 24 hours. It monitors your heart for 30 consecutive days. Hence, it allows you to understand long term changes in health issues. In addition, the watch alerts you when your heart rate value is too high.

In addition, the top 7 sport modes cover running, cycling, swimming, cardio and other common exercises. The watch is equipped with a high precision six-axis sensor that accurately captures every state of movement. It also works with the motion algorithm to fully understand the effect of motion.


Sleep monitoring, breathing training, and standing monitoring are always there to take care of and help you. The watch knows how much you slept and you got up efficiently. When you are stressed, you can do breathing exercises. This feature is sure to keep you healthy and energetic.

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Battery and connectivity

Xiaomi Redmi Watch contains a 230mAh battery. This battery takes almost 2 hours to fully charge and lasts up to 7 days under normal use. Plus, it can go up to 12 days in Long Battery Life mode. Hence, you will never have to worry about juice or frequent loads. You can charge the watch via a magnetic charging station that attaches perfectly to its back,

xiaomi-redmi-watch-battery charging

For connectivity, Redmi Watch integrates Bluetooth 5.0 and multifunctional NFC. Bluetooth 5.0 provides a solid connection while the multifunctional NFC lets you pay the bill wirelessly without any effort. In addition, Xiao AI is here to support you as a voice assistant and make things easier. You can easily control your Xiaomi Smart Home devices with this feature.

For the sensors, it comes with an optical heart rate sensor, a six-axis sensor, a geomagnetic sensor as well as an ambient light sensor. All of these sensors contribute to the health and fitness features of the watch.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch Specifications

  • Display: 1.4 inch square IPS LCD screen, 320x320p, 2.5D tempered glass screen
  • Weight: 35g
  • To build: 41mm x 35mm x 10.9mm, 5 ATM water resistant, skin-friendly TPU strap
  • Watch strap: Elegant Black, Ink Blue, Cherry Blossom Powder, Pine Needle Green and Ivory White
  • Watch color: Elegant black, ink blue as well as ivory white
  • Characteristics: 120 Plus personality dial, Xiao AI, 30-day heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, as well as 7 sports modes
  • Various: Optical heart rate sensor, six-axis sensor, geomagnetic sensor as well as ambient light sensor
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0 as well as multifunctional NFC
  • Loading time: Almost 2 hours
  • Drums: 230mAh, works 7 days on a single charge and 12 days in long battery life mode
  • Xiaomi Redmi Watch Price in Nepal: Rs. 8000 (expected)

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Xiaomi Redmi Watch Price in Nepal


Redmi launched Xiaomi Redmi Watch at just CNY. 299 in China. News of his arrival in Nepal has yet to emerge. We may know of its arrival very soon if it is to happen. There is little chance that he will arrive in Nepal.

However, even if it is launched, we expect the price of the Xiaomi Redmi Watch in Nepal to be around. Rs. 8000. The watch is available in three colors; Elegant black, ink blue as well as ivory white. The bracelet is available in two additional colors; Cherry blossom powder and pine needle green.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch Price in Nepal (expected) Price in China (Official)
Standard variant Rs. 8000 CNY. 299

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Our verdict

All of the features and specifications outlined above seem too good to be true in an entry-level smartwatch. This smartwatch will steal the market if launched in Nepal.

The taste for wearables in Nepal changes with the days and people are always looking for budget alternatives. Well, this watch can be a great alternative to the expensive watches launched in Nepal. Let’s keep hope and expect the best. Finger crossed however.

What do you think of the Xiaomi Redmi watch, will it be launched in Nepal? Share your thoughts in our comments box. It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

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