WISHDOIT manufactures high-end mechanical luxury watches in Hong Kong


The direct-to-customer premium watchmaker specializes in manufacturing luxury mechanical watches and has cut out all middlemen in its sales process, to enable it to keep prices affordable without compromising on quality.

WISHDOIT announced that despite doing its high end mechanical luxury watches in Hong Kong, he is still able to keep prices incredibly affordable by cutting out all middlemen and selling direct to customers.

The luxury watchmaker says it’s obsessed with designing mechanical watches and has taken inspiration from pirate culture to launch a Pirate series of Barrel Watcheswho embody the pirate spirit of audacity and rebellion.

Created after the founder had a near-death experience while diving in Negril, WISHDOIT was designed to reiterate that hope and confidence are the greatest allies of anyone facing unknown adventures and the uncertainty.

“The ordeal I was exposed to with the sea made me believe that even in the face of hardship and despair, we must face the situation with courage and keep fighting until we reach our goal and don’t give up. It also reminded me of the pirates enjoying the unimaginable scenery while sailing the sea and also facing the unknown adventures at sea, but they are still brave enough to go ahead, which boosted my new inspiration.

All WISHDOIT the watches come with free international shipping, as well as a 5-year warranty. the best affordable watch brand insists that its mission is to make products without taking shortcuts, for people who refuse to take them. Previous customers of the rebel luxury watch have left rave reviews attesting to the unparalleled value of the company’s exquisite products.

“Amazing watch! At first sight, I felt amazing. The design of the dial of this watch is quite complicated and distinctive. The strap is also very soft to the touch. It matches the size of my wrists. The strap can be adjusted arbitrarily .My friends also like this watch.I highly recommend it.The service of the seller is also very good and reliable.” – Elvis DuBuque.

“The watch has a distinctive look. The size is ideal and fits perfectly. The FKM bracelet reduces weight and adds contrast to the other finishes of the watch. I really like its case design. It has three circles, like a compass, or a double-layered movement. The weight is just a little. Well, it won’t be too heavy. I will be back.” – Isabelle Leuschke.

People who consider themselves brave and adventurous can visit the brand’s website to browse its incredible offerings and select a watch that embodies their inner rebel.

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