WISeKey creates NFT “birth certificates” for luxury watches


WISeKey has patented and now offers a new solution that can be used to verify the authenticity of luxury appliances. Intrinsiq Swiss security for watchmakers’ brand protection is primarily for smartwatches, but could conceivably be modified for other high-end electronics.

In its announcement, WISeKey noted that counterfeiting is a major problem for luxury retailers and that it is often difficult to tell the real thing from a high-quality fake. This remains true even if manufacturers embed a security chip in a mechanical device, since experienced fraudsters can transfer this chip from a real product to a fake (and vice versa).

To solve this problem, WISeKey has developed a product that is integral to the operation of the watch itself. The offering is essentially a secure element embedded in a piece of laser-cut silicon. The Secure Element powers the contactless and contact-based communication interfaces needed to verify the device, and can store a history of the item that tracks its (certified) progression from manufacturer to different owners.

The system can also be used to store an NFT which functions as a Watch Birth Certificate. Each certificate would be stamped with information such as company and date of manufacture to create a root of trust throughout the life of the product. The solution itself leverages cryptographic technology to equip each device with secret keys that can be embedded in the secure element and verified with a separate authentication device.

WISeKey’s blockchain technology has already been introduced as a security feature in over 2.5 million watches. The company has previously attempted to make NFT technology more accessible to consumers through its WISe.ART platform and has introduced a WISeCoin solution that facilitates secure exchanges between IoT devices using blockchain technology.


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