When will the price of the Apple Watch drop?


Earlier today, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 3. Starting price: $ 329 for the non-cellular version, $ 399 for the cellular version.

What does this mean for the Apple Watch 2? And, moreover, the Series 1? Let’s take a look at the new prices for older models.

A brief history of Apple Watch pricing

Exactly one year ago, Apple launched the Watch Series 2 with a starting price of $ 369, which is $ 20 more than the original price of the original model (which became Series 1). But the latter was not immediately interrupted; instead, Apple gave it a price cut of $ 50.

Today things turned out a little differently.

The new price cuts

The Series 3 debuts with prices going in two directions: up to $ 329 for the non-cellular model and up to $ 399 for the cellular model.

Now on to the surprising news: It looks like Apple is pulling out Series 2, with the non-cellular Series 3 taking its place. (And it’s actually $ 40 cheaper, another surprise.)

Still too expensive? Surprise # 3: The Apple Watch Series 1 lives on, now with a starting price of $ 249. Alas, it’s only $ 20 less than the previous price; it would have been nice to see the Series 2 at this price point instead, as it offers improvements like a faster processor and water resistance.

Other ways to save

Alexandra Able / CNET

Every time a new apple anything hits the market, it usually results in an overabundance of used models from the previous generation, as fans often sell last year’s gear to help subsidize this year’s gear.

Assuming you’re ready to consider a used or refurbished Apple Watch, that’s good news – you should see some great deals in the coming weeks.

While sites like Glyde, Gazelle, and Nextworth can offer you great deals on used iPhones, however, these resellers do not deal with Apple Watches. That leaves you with Craigslist and eBay, where it can be more difficult to gauge the status of what you’re getting – and Craigslist doesn’t offer any buyer protection to speak of.

But keep an eye on Apple’s Refurbished Watch Page, which sells a handful of models literally like new for around 15% off the list price.

Your thoughts? Are you hoping for a bigger cut on Series 1? Or are you happy to see the debut of Series 3 with a lower price than Series 2? Will we meet again here in a year to discuss the inevitable price drops for the Watch 3?

Editor’s Note, September 12: This article was originally published on September 11 and has since been updated.

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