Using history to create some of the world’s most exclusive luxury watches


Founded on the principles of India’s history, heritage and luxury traditions, Jaipur Watch Company combines craftsmanship and antiquity with impeccable watchmaking process, says Gaurav Mehta, Founder of Jaipur Watch Company

Bespoke watches are exquisite. When did you start the business and how has the journey been so far?
Thank you. So, glad you like our work.

Well, we started the company in 2013 and the last 8 years have been an enlightening journey of experimentation and innovation. You see, India has a history of watch manufacturing with HMT, Titan, etc. But we are the number one watch brand in the fine/bespoke micro brand space.

Founded on the principles of India’s history, heritage and luxury traditions, Jaipur Watch Company combines craftsmanship and antiquity with impeccable watchmaking process.

This pandemic has also taught us valuable lessons. For starters, always listen to your consumers, never know when the economic climate, buying behavior and consumer preferences are changing. No matter where your thought process/consumer preference is, you need to stay prepared and stay one step ahead. As Harry Gordon Selfridge said, “the customer is always right”

How do you plan to change the watch industry in India?
We would like to take the “Make in India” concept a step further. Watches from Jaipur Watch Company will not be a customer’s first watch; they are bought by watch connoisseurs, people intrigued by a beautiful Indian watch, and people with a passion for Indian history. We have customers who are looking for something personalized and unique in the world – bespoke watches.

Indian art and artifacts have been highly valued around the world for a very long time and our watches have been well received by people all over the world, especially NRIs who can feel the great Indian connection in our coins and numismatists.

Our watches have the same construction, mechanism and quality as any fine international watch, so why would a “Made in India” label hold it back. In fact, the Indian watch market has a lot to explore and develop. HMT, my favorite watch brand, made the best watches comparable to any Russian or Japanese brand at the time. So, I think the Indian luxury watch business has a lot of potential. Our watches will be comparable to the best watches available across the globe because we believe in adhering to international standards and mindsets. We are taking real estate next to the best Swiss brands to open our flagship store and we will continue this trend and hope that more and more people will realize that a Made in India brand is no less than a lot of others.

Tell us about the whims of a bespoke watch collector? What kind of requests do you receive?

They are endless. Everyone has a different personality and they want what they wear to embody that.
We have had interesting requests over the years. There was a client who wanted to personify her love for flowers and glitter. She told us she wanted a watch that looked like a flower, where the petal patterns seemed to be in motion when she wore the watch. So, we created an 18 Ct. gold watch with an inverted diamond setting or snow setting on the dial. Additionally, we’ve lined the dial with baguette-cut diamond-studded petals and specially crafted curved hour and minute hands to embody the design. What makes this design unique is that the petals move with every movement of the wrist.

They were many others… making our trip interesting!

Your coin-operated watches are all the rage. Tell us about these watches in detail.

Jaipur Watch Company is India’s first and only coin-operated watch manufacturer. Jaipur Watch Company also specializes in unique Swarovski crystal watches. All our watches are produced in very limited quantities which makes them extremely unique. For example, we will soon be launching the “Baagh Collection” in tribute to India’s 75 years of independence. It is a 43mm stainless steel watch that has been created using a particular one rupee coin from the year 1947 that has a tiger on its face. This one rupee coin holds its significance as it was the last coin minted under British rule.


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