Time lapses for counterfeiters as dubious luxury watches worth £ 450,000 are seized


A stockpile of fake luxury watches with a retail value of £ 450,000 has been seized in Newcastle.

Agents from Newcastle City Council’s Business Standards Team broke into a house in Fenham after a member of the public received information.

A man was found with a silver case containing more than 50 counterfeit Omega, Hublot, Tagheuer, Prado, Tisscot and Rolex watches.

The shoddy products are believed to have been bought in Sri Lanka and sold as real items on social media sites for between £ 100 and £ 130 each.

The recommended retail value has been estimated at £ 450,000 with a market value of around £ 5,000.

Councilor Nick Kemp, a member of the Council for Regulatory Services, said: “These are the kinds of things that street traders sell when you go on vacation abroad.

“All of them have legitimate high-end trademarks but are bogus.

“Anyone who pays a lot of money for these will inevitably be disappointed, so I’m glad our Trading Standards team took immediate action to take them out of circulation. “

Count Kemp warned those looking for a good deal to beware of counterfeit designer products.

He said: “This is a case of the old saying – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

“People may think they’re getting a good deal, but they’re not.

“I hope this seizure will have a deterrent effect on anyone who sells this junk before they lose what they paid for and even risk prosecution and a criminal record.”

Cllr Nick Kemp with a collection of counterfeit watches

The illicit transport was spotted by Trading Standards agents while monitoring trading sites.

David Ellerington, Director of Trading Standards, said: “The man ran a business site selling watches from a residential address.

“We found the address and questioned the occupant who was very open with us.

“He handed over a box containing over 50 watches with a market value of £ 5,000. This will now be the subject of a confiscation procedure.

The seizure comes less than a week after counterfeit jeans and t-shirts with a retail value of £ 36,000 were seized from a house in Byker.

And last month, store owner Abdulazim Behnam Panahi was sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid labor after being convicted of 11 counts of distributing fake-branded products.

He was also ordered to pay £ 764 in costs and a victim fine surcharge of £ 60.

The goods were seized from his shop in Eldon Garden, Eldon Square, and were destroyed.

Anyone who suspects that they have purchased counterfeit products should contact Trading Standards on 0191 2787878.

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