Three people arrested in Marbella for stealing luxury watches using the “Ronaldiño” technique


Some of the seized watches. / National Gendarmerie

Police recovered six luxury watches, half a dozen mobile phones, two gold rings and 1,800 euros in cash

National police officers have arrested three people for allegedly stealing luxury watches in Marbella, and a fourth for allegedly committing the crime of receiving stolen goods. The suspects, aged 19 to 23, allegedly carried out the robberies using the “Ronaldiño” technique, which involves approaching the victims and simulating a football dribble as a method of distraction.

The events leading to the arrests occurred in Puerto Banús in the early hours of Saturday July 23. Undercover officers observed three individuals acting suspiciously. After being searched, a luxury watch was discovered. After being questioned, officers arrested the three men as suspected perpetrators of a robbery using the “Ronaldo” technique.

The men had claimed they were in Marbella on vacation. A search of the apartment where they were staying revealed seven watches, including six luxury ones, six mobile phones, two gold rings and 1,800 euros in cash.

A fourth person, the companion of one of those arrested, is also detained, suspected of a crime of concealment.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Marbella police create a special unit to fight the wave of luxury watch thefts

Given the wave of similar thefts taking place in Marbella, the National Police has created a special group to stop this criminal threat that mainly targets tourists who come to the Costa del Sol to spend a few days on vacation.

The new task force is part of the Specialized and Violent Crimes Unit (UDEV) of the Marbella Police Station.


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