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Danny Goldsmith, owner


Strategically atop The Wine Room Kitchen & Bar in Delray Beach, guests should plan to wander upstairs for Goldsmith & Complications. But once inside the elegant boutique, the eclectic range of watches and jewelry will surely blow your mind. Fueled by his fascination with the intricate art of watches handmade by small, independent companies, Goldsmith came to town to put Delray on the map as a global watch destination, like Geneva and New York. Timing, as they say, is everything.

Q: Why carry G-Shock when you carry such expensive watches?

A: I love G-Shock. I wouldn’t wear anything in my shop that I didn’t wear myself. For years, G-Shock has been making highly functional, fun, durable and collectible watches. They appeal to everyone, including people who have high-end watches in their collection.

Q: What are these unique sculptures with watch parts floating inside?

A: These are works of art made by Berd Vay’e. Each sculpture contains hundreds, if not thousands, of vintage watch parts. They are suspended in Lucite which is shaped like everything from skulls and cubes to chess pieces. To celebrate the grand opening of our store this year, I’ve created a limited edition collection of mini baseball bats that includes a mix of watch parts and parts from a bat used in a major league game. These are all great conversation starters.

Q: Are you an authorized watch retailer?

A: Yes, I am an authorized retailer for all new watches and clocks in the store, including brands like Arnold & Son, L’Epée, Oris and Purnell. In addition to new watches, I also offer used watches. But I have to say that my real passion is small independent watchmakers who produce pieces in extremely limited numbers, like Urwerk, which produces around 150 watches a year.


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