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How best to store your watches when you’re not wearing them? Maahir Savlani, who is behind the BezelHold brand, has some ideas.

You’ve just spent tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a really nice watch, flexing it on your wrist, drawing admiring glances from people sitting 5 feet away from you at your favorite restaurant. Then you go home – now what? Where do you keep your shiny, scratch-free new watch? A frustration deeply felt by Maahir Savlani, who started two years ago in the creation of a company around the storage of watches. The result, BezelHold, is the product of his experience as a product designer and watch collector, inspired by passion and the belief that collectors today deserve better display, storage and protection options. .

Mahir Savlani

Here, Maahir Savlani talks about his new venture, Bezelhold.

Why did you start Bezelhold and was it something you always wanted to do?

I founded BezelHold out of a personal need that I later realized was also a necessity in the watch world. Being a collector myself and believing that watches deserve respect and adoration, I noticed that storage and protection options were limited; this led to the belief that the modern collector surely deserved more.

After graduating from college in 2017 with a degree in product design, I was given the responsibility of a leadership role in my family business. Over the next three years, under my father’s apprenticeship, I was able to better understand how to maintain several product-oriented private businesses. This allowed me to gain first-hand experience while managing the production and supply chains for our global customer brands.

Having acquired these skills, it became clear that the time was right to present my own brand and collection of products. After careful thought and consideration, a clear idea began to form. I knew it was important to focus on an industry I was passionate about. As for a brand to progress and eventually prosper, it must have real added value through its designs. With a deep admiration for watches, it was only natural that the perfect product line to develop would fall into the same sphere.

Watch Roll Designs by Bezelhold
Watch Roll Designs by Bezelhold

As a watch collector, what were your biggest pet peeves about existing watch storage products?

The first word that comes to mind is convenience. There are a few brands in the space that have dominated the industry for a long time. Through my personal buying experiences, coupled with my own extensive research prior to presenting BezelHold, it was apparent that the existing designs had not been improved for several years. There was a need for more finesse and attention to detail that modern collectors seek. Ever since Apple launched the iPhone, the global standard in product, branding and packaging has been raised, with the result that the end consumer’s palate is much more refined. In the process, BezelHold aims to revolutionize the watch accessories industry, making it accessible and desirable for a new era of watch collectors.

Watch Winders Bezelhold
Lots of detail is put into watch winders to give collectors the ultimate experience in storage solutions

How do your designs address these existing issues?

To be appreciated, designers must highlight and improve the functionality of their products. One of the downsides we found in storing watches was in the cushions used, which are often designed as “one size fits all”. This is impractical as wrist sizes vary, the obvious differences being between men and women. With clear design principles, each of our products offers the option of an adjustable cushion size. This has been accomplished through extensive R&D, which has enabled us to offer the packable and belted cushions found in our collection. This is just one example of how BezelHold aims to find solutions that we hope will eventually push watch accessories forward.

Focusing on our watch winders, discerning collectors will find that our models feature a “gate sensor”, which ensures that when the winder is opened, the watches always stop at the 12 o’clock position. It embodies the characteristics of an intuitive product that understands the needs of the collector and aims to enhance the experience.

Bezelhold watch box containing watches from Savlani's personal collection
Bezelhold watch box containing watches from Savlani’s personal collection

What’s in your own collection?

Perpetual calendars are at the top of my collection, because of the awe they inspire at the mathematical depths and complexities that watchmakers must grapple with to produce these movements. There is in particular my IWC Da Vinci perpetual calendar (ref 3758). Introduced in 1985, the Da Vinci collection offered a new insight into the IWC lineage. It featured a perpetual calendar chronograph movement which was one of the manufacturer’s most complicated designs in modern times. This watch can be considered one of the “faces” of the BezelHold campaign. It also holds a special place in my collection, as it was produced around 1995, the year of my birth.

Another gem in my collection should be the Girard Perregaux WW.TC (ref 49805). The world time complication is phenomenally practical; here, it’s indicated by an inner rotating bezel, which features 24 cities and their corresponding time zones. The watch also features chronograph and date functions, which allow the wearer to start, stop, reset and reflect.

Navy Camouflage Watch Roll Exclusively Available at Wristcheck
Navy Camouflage Watch Roll Exclusively Available at Wristcheck

Where to find Bezelhold?

We are honored to announce that our complete collection is now available from MisterChrono Hong Kong, a leader in the watch accessories market representing only the finest and most sought-after brands.

We are also pleased to announce that we have forged a strong relationship with WritstCheck, a pioneer in the watch collecting market in Hong Kong. Our watch rolls are now on display and available at her Landmark Atrium store.

To highlight the importance of this partnership, we’ve designed a limited-edition Navy Camouflage Watch Roll, available exclusively at WristCheck in Hong Kong.

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