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The cost of an Rolex between $5,000 and at least $60,000, you could be searching for Rolex financing options that pay for the purchase over a longer the duration of. You may be capable of financing your Rolex through a layaway plan, personal loan like Citrus North, or another option, be sure you have the funds to repay the loan you get that includes interest and additional expenses.

This is a look at the five Rolex financing options available through traditional or online jewelry stores.

Rolex financing options

Finance the purchase of the Rolex will likely mean that you’ll have to make payments over a fixed time period rather than the full amount at the moment of the purchase. It’s possible to do this using leasing or layaway programs or even with loans. Whatever you choose, be prepared to be charged interest as well as leasing or other finance fee in the event that you cannot pay for the purchase of the watch in an amount of time, such as 90 days. A personal loan calculator will allow you to estimate the costs of your loan and ensure that you are able to repay the loan prior to you make a decision to borrow.

It is also possible to purchase the Rolex using the help of a credit cards however this could be costly. The interest on credit cards can be very high, unless you qualify for a lower introductory APR.

1. Layaway program

Layaway plans can make large purchases more affordable because they allow the buyer to pay for them through installments. You’ll place an initial deposit to purchase the item, and then continue to make payments on the item till the purchase is fully paid for and then you can take it home. Layaway programs can run for just two or three months however the Rolex layaway can last for longer than a year.

Be prepared for a cost for financing, even though layaway plans do not charge interest. Also, you can expect an restocking and cancellation fee. But since layaway plans aren’t a way to extend credit so your payments, even late ones — will not be reported to credit bureaus.

2. Progressive Leasing

Progressive Leasing is an online lease-to-own service. With this service, you are able to request to lease an Rolex even if are not able to score stellar credit. This kind of program allows you to bring the watch home immediately however, you will not technically have it until a certain amount of payments have been paid.

You will not be charged interest however you’ll be charged lease costs. It is unclear the exact amount Progressive Leasing charges for its lease-to-own service, however it is possible that with an early buyout option, you might be able to cut down on expensive leasing costs completely by paying for your watch completely within, say, three months instead of twelve.

3. Affirmed the loan

Affirm is an investment company based in San Francisco offers point-of-sale credit for selected vendors, such as certain watch retailers.

The typical term for financing is between 3 and 12 months and can last up to 48 months for purchases of large amounts. At the time of September. 16 2021, fixed APRs varied between 0% and 30% , and depend on your creditworthiness, and/or the item you purchased. Affirm does not compound interest or charge fees , so it may be a cheaper financing option rather than the traditional credit card.

If you prefer to finance your purchase when you pay for it You can apply for an advance loan and have the amount you are approved for put on the virtual VISA card. The card is only used once and can be used to make purchases at any merchant which accept VISA.

4. Credit card

It is a credit card can be described as a rotating line credit This means that you are limited to a certain amount that you are able to charge your credit card. If you are able to pay off your balance, you may charge additional amounts to the credit card. Credit cards typically have greater rates than other kinds of financing, including the average APR for current accounts of 19.47 percent, as per the LendingTree database (as as of Sept. 16 2021).

Although some card issuerssuch as credit unions -offer rates that are fixed credit cards, the majority of them have variable rates that are subject to change according to the market. Interest on credit cards accumulates over time, and the cost of financing can mount up quickly unless you settle your balance each month.

If you’ve got good credit and credit, an credit card that offers an initial introductory rate of 0% will help you make your Rolex purchase less expensive. With this type of deal you will not be charged charges by paying off your balance in the specified time frame, typically between 12 and 18 months. In the following time, you will pay interest on any balance remaining at a higher rate.

5. Personal loan

Personal loans are installment loans with fixed interest rates and fixed terms that means you’ll be able to follow a clear payment plan that is predictable with monthly installments. These loans are usually unsecure, and do not require collateral (like cars like a car, for instance) to qualify. But secured personal loans may also be a viable alternative.

The amount of loans can range starting at as low as $1000 the range of $50,000 and more and could be utilized for range of uses for example, major purchases, emergencies costs or for paying off debts.

Personal loans that are unsecured generally range from 6% up to 36%. Some personal loans may have an origination fee of one percent to 8percent on the loan amount (as of Sept. 16 2021). Since personal loan terms vary so widely, it’s recommended to compare and shop around.


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