Pixel Watch price leak suggests Google isn’t trying to match the Apple Watch


If you were hoping the Pixel Watch would be the Wear OS equivalent of the Apple Watch 8, a new price leak suggests you might be disappointed, as it looks set to undermine Apple’s flagship, and even not come close to the price of the Apple. Watch Ultra.

According Roland Quandt (opens in a new tab) – a leaker with a decent track record – the Wi-Fi version of the Pixel Watch will cost £339 in the UK. While it’s not cheap, it’s rather less than the Apple Watch 8’s $399 / £419 / AU$629 starting price or the $449.99 / £429 / AU$799 starting price. AU$.99 of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

That’s more than the $279.99 / £269 / AU$499 Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or the $249 / £259 / AU$399 Apple Watch SE 2, though. So that suggests that Google isn’t positioning the Pixel Watch as a budget device, but not as a premium flagship either.

Past pricing leaks paint a similar picture, with the Wi-Fi version of the wearable reportedly costing $349.99 in the US, which would also see it fall between the Apple Watch SE 2 and Apple Watch 8. or the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

That could potentially prove to be a problematic price point – too expensive for those who don’t want to break the bank, but perhaps without the high-end specs and features that could turn away big spenders from alternative devices. But we should find out soon, as Google will fully unveil the Pixel Watch on October 6, alongside the Pixel 7.

Analysis: Google may not be serious about smartwatches yet

This average price also suggests that Google might not be serious about smartwatches, or at least not yet. Where Samsung and Apple offer both affordable and expensive options – not to mention multiple sizes – it looks like Google might offer just one smartwatch in one size.

Reports suggest there will be the choice of a Wi-Fi or cellular model, but – colors aside – that might be the only decision to make. There have been some whispers of a more expensive model possibly called the Pixel Watch Fit, but there’s not much evidence that this wearable exists.

No, so far most leaks indicate a single model in a single size. And these price leaks further support this theory, because if Google were to offer multiple models, it would likely go for higher and lower prices than rumored, to better differentiate between them.

A one-size-fits-all model suggests that Google is only ready to dip its toes in smartwatch waters for now, rather than developing multiple wearables.

Whether this game will pay off or whether this one-size-fits-all approach will prove to be more of a one-size-fits-all – and whether that’ll be enough to be one of the best smartwatches around – remains to be seen.


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