New augmented reality tech lets shoppers try on luxury watches in the metaverse – as BoohooMan launches its first NFT collection


Fashion and the luxury industry both design for the metaverse. New augmented reality (AR) technology designed to allow shoppers to try on luxury watches, while BoohooMan says it’s the first fast fashion retailer to offer an NFT collection of its designs.

facebook is hire and hire partners as he begins to build a metaverse – or virtual world – over the coming decades that will eventually allow users to meet friends, family and others online. A number of other metaverses already exist – from video games such as Fortnite and Animal Crossing to business work meetings that feature digital avatars.

BoohooMan launches the first NFT collection

BoohooMan, which released its first digital apparel for the Metaverse last month, has now released its first collection in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – digital assets registered on the blockchain and held in a crypto wallet.

The retailer says it is the first in its affordable fashion market to offer a NFT collection of her clothes. The buyer who purchases each exclusive design – t-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, and outerwear are all available – will be the only person who can wear them in a metaverse. A drawing is up for grabs.

Samir Kamani, Managing Director of boohooMAN, says, “Blockchain technology and NFTs have been on the tip of everyone’s tongue and have been for some time. We’ve seen one luxury brand after another flock to the Metaverse, but we’ve yet to see any fashion brands from our market enter the space.

“At boohooMAN, we see a future for digital fashion. This collection immerses us in the vast and complex landscape of the metaverse. This is our first experience with non-fungible tokens and we have high expectations for future NFT collections. , collaborations, digital fashion pieces, games, and more.

Metaverse-Ready Luxury Watch Trial

Luxury watch buyers can now try them on using a new augmented reality solution that’s ready for omnichannel touchpoints, including the Metaverse.

Perfect Corp says its new AR Watch Virtual Try-on technology is trained on 3D hand models using a wide variety of skin tones, textures and sizes to meet user requirements. The technology, he says, can determine wrist size and allows buyers to see the watch in its entirety in 360 degrees when trying on luxury accessories in environments such as the Metaverse.

The company promises a luxurious shopping journey for digital users, whether they buy on a website, through in-store smart mirrors, on social media – and is ready for the metaverse.

“We are excited to expand our offerings to begin serving the luxury watch industry with the launch of AR Watch Virtual Try-On and the launch of our proprietary AgileHand technology,” says Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO Alice Chang. “Our AI and AR-powered solutions continue to serve both brands and consumers, delivering immersive and impactful shopping experiences that increase shopping confidence and customer satisfaction. We are excited to launch a state-of-the-art hand-mapping technology that will help our solutions serve an even broader customer base and help consumers through their watch-buying journey.


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