Melaye called to wear “fake luxury watches”



Fake Watch Buster (FWB) called Dino Melaye, a former senator representing Kogi West, for allegedly posting two ‘fake’ luxury watches on his social media.

FWB is an Instagram page that targets prominent people who wear fake wristwatches and post them online while tagging those affected.

To do this, it publishes the version of the wristwatch considered to be fake while emphasizing its similarities and differences with the original.

Melaye, who is well known for her flamboyant lifestyle, took to her social media page last year to share two of her luxury watch collections.

On the dated photos January 17 and December 27, Melaye was seen wearing the RM053 Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon and the MP-05 La Ferrari respectively.

But on Wednesday, the FWB dubbed the former lawmaker’s two wristwatches “fake version”.

The Instagram page, which has nearly 130,000 followers, added that Melaye also has several other wristwatches that “seem sketchy.”

“@dinomelaye, we just want to let you know that you are wearing a fake @richardmille RM053 Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon and a fake @hublot MP-05 La Ferrari” he wrote.

“He owns a lot of other watches as well and they look sketchy as well. A genuine @richardmille RM053 Tourbillon is limited to just 15 pieces worldwide and its list price at the time of its release was over $ 630,000.

“A genuine @hublot MP-05 La Ferrari is limited to just 50 pieces in the world and is worth around $ 390,000.”

The anonymous page said it came to its conclusion after subjecting the characteristics of the watches worn by Melaye to multiple checks.

“Disclaimer: I don’t know if the subjects of my posts are aware of wearing fake watches. All characteristics presented are based on multiple checks and, in case of ambiguity, external experts are also consulted. We distance ourselves from any form of intimidation.

Melaye has yet to respond to complaints at the time of writing.

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