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Buying a luxury watch is similar to buying a luxury item like jewelry, a handbag or even a car; Consumers need to do a lot of research before buying the right watch as the market is flooded with fake original replicas. If industry insiders are to be believed, every second watch you find in the market is meant to be a beautiful copy of the original. In such scenarios, it is very difficult for a consumer to find the right part which is original to the core.

To avoid such unreasonable situations for you, we have among us one of the most well-known watch connoisseurs, and retailers known for his excellent know-how on luxury watches, Lorenzo Ruzza.

Lorenzo is known for his love of luxury watches, and he aims to free the market from the clutches of counterfeit items. He truly believes that a luxury watch is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, and that it should be authentic and original in all cases. Its message is loud and clear “Fake watches are not suitable!”.

He has even used the famous social media platform Instagram to publicize the fakes circulating in the market to such an extent that he posts videos of himself destroying the fake luxury watches that come to him to express his worry and let people know about his struggle. against this growing threat in the market. His videos smashing fake watches with a hammer went viral and raised awareness in the right way. People love the way he transforms those fake Rolex, Audemars, Piguet; Omega Patel Philippe looks in the scrap yard.

It is interesting to know that Lorenzo has reached 7 million in turnover, and right now his inventory is showing around 100,000 € in turnover per day, which is really impressive. His experience as a webmaster has helped him define the right strategies to reach his customers, which has helped him increase his sales. He started his journey from scratch and reached dizzying levels of success solely on the basis of his passion for luxury watches.

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