Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept takes inspiration from luxury watches



When we hear of “concept cars”, it’s the futuristic and crazy demo cars that come to mind. These cars are usually ships to present the vision of the future of an automobile manufacturer. But with the Aviator Shinola Concept, Lincoln has taken a detour from the generic “concept car” format. Ford’s luxury arm has been doing pretty well lately. But to emphasize its luxurious appeal even more, they decided to pay a visit to Shinola in Detroit.

These guys are the makers of luxury goods and have a flair for art and creativity. In addition, the concept resulting from this collaboration is strictly aesthetic and highlights a fusion of design and craftsmanship. Shinola is known around the world for its luxury watches which are also the inspiration for this Aviator. Other products from the Detroit-based luxury goods maker also inspire the concept, forming a beautiful combination of technology, luxury, art and craftsmanship.

The official public reveal will take place later this year, and we suspect Lincoln will go ahead and showcase the Shinola concept as a special edition model for 2022. As Lincoln has confirmed that the Aviator 2022 is a carried over with minor changes, the addition of this concept is sure to dial the Aviator’s luxury appeal.

Lincoln and Shinola team up for this artistic concept

Lincoln aviator shinola concept hd concept car wallpaper


We all know Lincoln is the luxury arm of Ford and they’ve come up with some nice luxury SUVs over the years. Other than Lexus, we believe Lincoln is the only other automaker that has a distinctive aura when it comes to fusing design, technology and luxury.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept front view


And this charismatic automaker has teamed up with a beautiful luxury design brand – Shinola for their new idea of ​​artistic appeal. Shinola is a Detroit-based fashion house dedicated to creating beautiful productions from watches, leather goods, jewelry, and even audio.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept before third quarter close up view


Lincoln designers took this collaborative effort as a way to explore new materials and vivid colors to be used in the design of luxury vehicles. All of the fresh aesthetic aspects that you see in the Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept are inspired by the craftsmanship and appeal of hues that accompany Shinola products.

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This Lux-Appeal exploration is based on the 2022 Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept side profile view


The use of “Concept” for this vehicle is strictly limited to the additional aesthetic appeal that was derived from Shinola’s learnings and inspiration. Other than that, this concept is based on the latest Lincoln Aviator. There is no change on the mechanical side of things and the concept contains the most powerful standard engine in the mid-size luxury SUV department with the 400bhp twin-turbo V6.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept interior view


Lincoln Aviator has slipped down the list of mid-size luxury SUVs with the advent of dynamic newcomers like the Genesis GV80 and powerful ones like the Audi RS Q8. So, this concept could be the start of something refreshing for the luxury automaker who needs to get back into the limelight.

Inspired by watches, a sports bag and a bicycle seat

Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept third quarter back view


All changes incorporated into the Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept and carefully detailed using elementary inspirations from Shinola’s portfolio. The soft white color on the outside is inspired by the pearl stone watch faces in its luxury collection. It also receives a copper exterior trim which is derived from elements of Shinola’s Runwell bicycle saddle. It gives off a rose gold hue that contrasts quite well with the calming white.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept cockpit view


Even the wheels are given the fine rose gold treatment to match the contrasting layout. The exterior changes are rather subtle, compared to the interior. It gets a rich brown leather coating derived from the whiskey leather used for the fashion house’s sports bags. It’s contrasted with a cream suede that brightens up the interior appeal and also syncs with the unique exterior hue.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept seat upholstery close up view


All seats feature unique centered fabric bands that take inspiration from the Shinola branding stripe. The level of detail used to incorporate all of these clues is incredibly impressive. Liam Butler, Lincoln’s color and material designer, said he took every stitch of Shinola’s original stripe and then enlarged it to fit the proportions of the seat. There are hints of blue tint all around the upside down vehicle, which is a hallmark Lincoln gesture on his cars.

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Lincoln Shinola concept to be showcased later this month

Close-up view of the Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept wheel


Lincoln presented the Aviator Shinola concept at the 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 15, 2021. It was the perfect event to showcase such an artistic collaboration between two very ambitious brands in luxury and craftsmanship. It is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world and is full of priceless historic automotive artwork.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept interior seating layout view


But there will surely be enough interest in modern artistic showcases like the Shinola Concept. This may be a design study for Lincoln as of now, but we’re confident we see this as a limited-run production model and paving the way for future collaborations.


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