Kulture Richard Mille watch, the daughter of Cardi B and Offset: prices, photos and more



12 July 2021, 17:43

Offset gave his daughter a Richard Mille watch for her third birthday.

Image: Instagram

The Migos Offset star gave her daughter Kulture a Richard Mille watch for her third birthday.

Fans are shocked when rapper Offset gave his daughter a pink Richard Mille watch for her birthday.

The watch was given away at her princess-themed birthday party.

The Migos rapper was seen on Instagram gifting his three-year-old daughter with a pink and diamond Richard Mille watch.

The extravagant giveaway left fans speechless as the luxury watch costs $ 250,000.

Kulture’s mother also bought her an expensive gift – after giving her daughter a Cuban chain with Chanel charms, among other things.

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Offset gave his daughter a watch worth $ 250,000.

Photo: Instagram @cardib

The watch wasn’t the only extravagant thing at Cardi and Offset’s daughter’s birthday party.

The celebration took place in a castle, where the 3-year-old girl arrived on horseback and carriage, before entering the place on a horse dressed as a unicorn.

The interior of the chateau was equally luxurious, with a full size ball pit and bowling ally; as well as a princess themed cake with five levels.

Fans took to Twitter to discuss the rapper spending a quarter of a million dollars on a watch for his three-year-old daughter.

One fan said: “Offset bought Kulture a Richard Millie watch … I’ve never felt so poor in my life.”

Another Twitter user disapproved of the giveaway, saying, “Can Kulture even tell the time?”

Cardi B and Offset recently announced during a performance at the BET Awards that they are expecting their second child.



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