Kim Jong-un buys luxury watches to retain subscribers


LUXURY: Kim Jong-un bought expensive watches for top party officials in North Korea

The chubby bully apparently broke with the traditional firing squad method to make sure people stay devoted to him and instead bought a bunch of Swiss watches.

According to Japanese media, he presented the gifts to dozens of officials at the Seventh Workers’ Party Congress in the country’s capital, Pyongyang, last May.

It was reported: “Swiss watches were presented to around 100 senior officials, such as members of the Party Central Committee and generals of the armed forces, among some 3,600 participants at the party congress.”

Sources say the watches were engraved with the logo of a brush, hammer and sickle to signify the holiday.

But before they were shipped, Kim reportedly got manufacturers to promise that they would leave out the “Made in Switzerland” logo.

Barely 10 days after the party conference, the UN Security Council banned the sale of expensive watches and fine wine in this secret country.

It comes as images of Kim’s wife Ri Sol-ju have emerged after a nine-month absence in the public eye.

The raven haired beauty was pictured alongside her husband at a military event over the weekend.

Rumors were circulating that she was pregnant or had fallen out with Kim and her sister.

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