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In a word, dear mom.

But that doesn’t give the full picture of how Prince Andrew offers such a lavish lifestyle, with a hefty legal bill to boot.

There are currently talk of the Duke of York whipping his £ 18million Swiss ski chalet to help with these legal bills (pictured below), and he could also be forced to pay a multimillion-pound settlement to the accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Andrew’s US attorney, Andrew Brettler, is rumored to be charging around $ 2,000 an hour for his services.

You’d think all of this would force Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to moderate spending (the couple divorced in 1996 but still live together), but that’s not really the case.

The telegraph highlights a few points in particular:

There are also, arguably, important questions to be answered about Andrew’s spending in light of recent events – especially after the royal, who owns a collection of watches including a £ 150,000 Patek Philippe, spent l he added a £ 220,000 Bentley to his two Range Rovers last year.

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Her Majesty, 95, reportedly agreed to pay Andrew’s defense early last year …

Imagine having to rely on your 95 year old mother to pay your legal bills when you are accused of repeatedly having sex with an underage girl?

And yet, the spending continues:

As one source put it: “The Duke is currently totally dependent on the Queen, but it certainly cannot go on forever. The problem is, the Yorks’ expenses are still huge. Andrew still pays for Beatrice and Eugenie’s private bodyguards.

Then there’s Fergie, who was reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy in 2010 following a series of failed trade deals and after being caught in a News of the World sting trying to sell Andrew access. to a journalist posing as a sheikh, for £ 500,000.

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“No matter how much money she has, it just seems to slip through her fingers. They are not very well placed at the moment, ”added the insider.

Andrew has already managed to squander what many see as ill-gotten gains. In 2007, he sort of sold Sunninghill Park, the marital home of the Yorks, for £ 3million more than the asking price of £ 12million of the President of Kazakhstan’s son-in-law.

You don’t earn the nickname “Air Miles Andy” without enjoying traveling by private jet.

One wonders what will happen when the Queen finally gets rid of this deadly coil.

Will royal money run dry?



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