It is the first watch in the world, the price will amaze your senses


Nowadays, wearing a watch may have become a hobby for people, but it is also important to have a watch. There was a time when few rich people had a watch and they considered wearing it as their pride. Have you ever thought about the clock that has become common now, who was the first person in the world to make it, and what that watch looks like. Today we are going to tell you some things related to this, which is surprising.

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The world’s first watch is known as the “Pomander Watch of 1505” or “Watch 1505”. It was built by German inventor Peter Heinlein and is considered the world’s first watchmaker. Peter Heinlein made this watch about 515 years ago in 1505. The story of the birth of an apple-shaped pomander watch is also very interesting. It is said that in 1987 a young watchmaker bought a pomander at the London flea market for 10 pounds or around 947 rupees, but he did not know that it was the world’s first watch. He kept this watch with him for many years, then in 2002 he sold it to someone else. Now whoever bought this watch, didn’t even know its value, so he also sold it to someone else.

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However, when the pomander clock was found in the hands of a researcher, it gained worldwide recognition. The time of its manufacture was also inscribed on this watch and it was also signed by its inventor Peter Heinlein. It is also said that this watch was Peter Hanlan’s personal watch, which he always kept with him. The peculiarity of the world’s first watch is that it is made of copper and gold. Right now, the price of this watch can range between $ 50 million to $ 80 million, or around Rs 381 crore to Rs 611 crore.

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