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Hats off to nostalgia, digital watches (and Casio in particular) are experiencing a resurgence in recent years. In the past, these quartz pieces were the highest tech watches you could strap to your wrist, but thanks to the constant advancement of technological advancements, they are now incredibly cheap and archaic ephemeral timing pieces. Yet their (very) low cost of entry and extremely charming 80 years make them attractive purchases today, which is probably why Casio is launching a trio of “new” digital watches in its Classics line.

The watches in question are based on the A168W, a “water resistant” stainless steel timepiece with a quartz movement (accurate to within 30 seconds per month) and a few basic functions: an alarm , a stopwatch, a calendar and a backlight. That is just about everything. The changes made are above all aesthetic: the space surrounding the screen has been simplified, with most of the markings and text removed from the standard watch, replaced by one of the three metallic finishes: black, silver or teal.

Yet it’s a simple, modernizing twist that breathes new life into aging design while respecting the wild era of digital watch design and innovation from which it sprang. All three versions of the A168W will cost $ 50, a premium over the standard version, but still incredibly achievable.

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