Elizabeth and James’ New Retro Digital Watches Arrive Just in Time for Holiday Shopping



Lately, the biggest novelty in the field of watches is the revolutionary multifunctional smartwatches – the kind that can answer a text, wake you up or send your heartbeat to your lover – to the point where you almost forget their basic function. : tell the time . (By the way: How many of your friends wear a smartwatch, but still check their phones to see if they’re late?) For their very first line of Elizabeth and James watches, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen turned to a another technological revolution: the 1970s, when digital LED technology was first founded. Their collection of 10 digital watches is launched today and combines this retro technology with the clean, streamlined look women are drawn to now.

Debut on the label new e-commerce site, where you can also pick up Elizabeth and James’ best-selling Nirvana fragrances (including the dreamy new blend of cedar amethyst and honeysuckle), the 200 series watches have a futuristic feel first and foremost: each one has a rubber strap and a mirror dial in silver, black, chartreuse or royal blue. Do you unlock it with your fingerprint? Does he recognize your face? Neither, just press a small button on the side and the time appears as red LED digital digits. Click it again, and the date will appear, and another click reveals the seconds. It’s as simple and uncluttered as it gets, and something really feels right about it. “We knew we wanted to launch with a digital watch,” said Mary-Kate Vogue. “The function is clear, simple and straightforward. Analog watches can be beautiful, but bringing back simplicity was important. We are all so connected in today’s world, [and] there is something refreshing about coming back to the ideas of “time well spent” and “time is precious”. “

Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth and James

Designers also thought of the watches they wore in the ’90s: “We have a common nostalgia for the digital watches of our youth,” says Ashley. “We wanted to capture that appeal but in a modern and interesting design. They searched for 70s NASA pictures and movies and like The golden finger and the Tokens for inspiration, as well as architecture by John Lautner and artwork by Dan Flavin. “From a materials perspective, we looked at the innovation that is happening in the optical lens world and incorporated it into the design of the mirror crystal faces,” adds Ashley.

The watches also arrive just in time for the holidays and sell for $ 200 each. Find them on ElizabethandJames.us, the Elizabeth and James store in Los Angeles.



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