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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2021 / The emerging Miami-based company, Elevate the concept, aims to offer a selection of unique and rare timepieces, as well as an assortment of artisanal accessories. Separating from the crowd, Elevate Concept offers a high personal online shopping experience. Assigning a team member to each customer for a one-on-one dialogue similar to what you would have if you were going to a store saving you time; on top of the money because they don’t have those special overhead costs that really make a big difference, adding to the continued success of the business. The Elevates team provides everything you need to know in an instant with total transparency; regarding watch breakdown, boxing, papers, condition, photos and any details or additional questions you may have – a direct and immediate response for you. All items are shipped with the most reliable, secure and insured carriers.

The company has become the benchmark for luxury watches around the world due to this fast-paced and strict relationship-based approach to doing business. They sell watches, but more than that, they organize a new model built solely on building transparent and genuine relationships. Elevate reversed the engineering of selling watches by putting the customer first and from there curating the exact experience a person would want and deserve when buying a Richard Mille, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, etc. and directly transparent.

In addition to fine watches, again with the particular watches that customers want in mind, Elevate offers handmade watch accessories such as watch rolls and bracelets. Their product selection is curated by their in-house team, looking for the most unique pieces that coincide with luxury watches. The e-store was originally created to fill the niche market for luxury luxury watches online. The concept comes from the inspiration of Colette, often referred to as the pioneer of concept stores. Elevate Concept has closely followed in its footsteps through similar practices, however, differentiates itself through its limited and unique selection.

For the taste of watch lovers or collectors who want something different and / or, one of the few. Elevate has also partnered with WatchCraft Collection, an elusive watch personalization tool, which offers unique ready-to-wear pieces. Offering a range of new, pre-owned and refurbished luxury watches, the department elegantly matches the theme of the store as a whole through its featured collections. Elevate Concept is the only authorized online retailer for the brand and therefore the only place to safely purchase one of the unique watches online.

To learn more about Elevate Concept, the collections and the conglomerate as a whole, visit their website Where Instagram.

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