eBay luxury watches are the best hack to score Cartier at 30% off


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The closest I ever thought to getting to a Cartier Panther watch was through Cartier’s store window – until now. The famous “It Girl” watch is available on eBay and it’s discounted, so your dreams of owning a Cartier watch might come true. We are serious. It’s not just for models, like Bella Hadidand pop star and fashion icon Doua Lipa (who both own the Panthère watch), but we can tell you’ll feel famous walking down the street with Cartier on your wrist. And you might feel a little smug about it, because you put it up for sale.

And if you’re more of a Cartier tank kind of girl, like royal Meghan Markle who got hers like a helping hand from none other than Princess Diana (casual), you can grab that one too. Cartier isn’t the only type of luxury watch you can get on eBay, either. You can add rolex (a favorite of Jennifer Aniston), Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer and Patek-Philippe to your online shopping cart. It’s so easy to buy these iconic watches from the comfort of your own home. Plus, unlike physical resale stores, eBay offers a host of additional benefits, including a Authenticity Guarantee Service, which verifies watches $2,000+ (excluding modifications) by independent third-party authenticators so you can buy 100% with no doubts. I mean, if you’re going to pay designer prices, you want to make sure you’re losing money on the real deal, right?

Our mission at STYLECASTER It’s about bringing style to people, and we only carry products that we think you’ll love as much as we do. eBay is a STYLECASTER sponsor, however, all products in this article were independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking a link in this story, we may receive a small commission from the sale.

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Courtesy of eBay.

Buy the Cartier Panthère on eBay

This is how eBay Authenticity Guarantee Service works: after you purchase an eligible item, it will be shipped to eBay’s partner third-party authenticator, where they will perform a multi-point inspection of the item, repackage it in new premium eBay packaging, and send it to via expedited shipping and insured (two-day delivery with signature required). As a bonus, you will also receive an Authenticity Report Card which verifies the product and can be used to further increase future resale value. This is my favorite part of eBay Authenticity Guarantee service because I always check the resale value before splurging on a luxury piece to make sure I can resell it for a decent profit if I choose to do so later.

If you are looking for an even more expensive watch, Full eBay Escrow Service covers parts over $10,000, which provides buyers with secure and fully traceable payment methods, completely free product inspection periods, and waived handling fees. Alas, you can get your dream watch with confidence that you haven’t ended up with a cheat.

Whether you’re an avid watch collector or just looking to splurge on a luxury watch for yourself (a very worthwhile investment piece, by the way), eBay free watch authentication services make sure you get what you paid for so you have confidence in your purchase.

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Courtesy of eBay.

Cartier tank

If you want to feel like royalty, invest in a Cartier Tank watch. Meghan Markle currently wears this timepiece, which was originally worn by the late Princess Diana.

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Courtesy of Rolex.

Rolex Datejust

If Rollies are more your style, you can also pick up a bargain on eBay. Friends star Jennifer Aniston promotes the Just date styleso you can channel celebrity chic anytime, pun intended.

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