Disney + Australia: how to watch, price, full list of movies and TV shows


Disney’s streaming service launches today, so here’s what you need to know about how to watch it and all the titles on it right now.

If you’re a Simpsons fan, a Star Wars fan, a tragic nostalgic, or the parent of young (ish) children, then today is the day you’ve been waiting for.

Disney’s gargantuan streaming service finally launched in Australia this morning, and with it the massive vault of content the House of the Mouse can offer.

We’re one of the first six countries in the world to get it, and only a week behind the Americans. Your friends and family in the UK have to wait until next year, so make sure you really rub up while you can.

So here’s what you need to know, including how to get it, what it costs, the original series and movies at launch, a few highlights, what’s coming up, and, at the bottom, the huge list of them all. the titles of the service as of today.


You can access DisneyPlus on the desktop and through the Disney + app which is now available on Apple devices (including iPhones, iPads and Apple TV), Android devices, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, select Sony smart TVs , LG and Samsung, PS4 and Xbox.

The user interface follows a familiar format, similar to Netflix and other streaming services, with horizontal carousels with recommendations, originals, and categories such as “feel good sports movies” or “reinvented classics”.


A Disney + membership costs $ 8.99 per month or $ 89.99 for 12 months after a seven-day free trial.

A subscription gives you four simultaneous streams in 4K and Dolby Atmos on supported devices. You can be logged in on 10 devices at a time and it can be organized into seven different profiles for different members of your household.


With streaming fracturing, every newcomer to a crowded market knows that real gaming is exclusive original content. These include:

The Mandalorian: This Star wars The series is the largest card to shoot at launch with a spinoff series about a bounty hunter from Mandalore (the home of Boba and Jango Fett), played behind a helmet by Game of Throner, Pedro Pascal.

The Lady and the Tramp: A live-action reboot of the classic cartoon about the adventures and romance between a pampered dog and a street dog, featuring the voices of Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux.

Bis: A reality TV series hosted by Kristen Bell, each episode follows a different group of people who as high school kids have put together a music production (like Annie and The beauty and the Beast) who come together as adults for a special encore performance.

The world according to Jeff Goldblum: This National Geographic docoseries is exactly what the title implies, a following show Jeff Goldblum being extremely Jeff Goldblum-y. The first episode follows Goldblum as he explores the world of sneaker fanatics.

High School Musical: The Series: How about that for meta – the show takes place in a fictional high school where the student body stages a production based on the Disney films, Musical High School. Teenage dramas ensue.

Forky asks a question: More than 10 episodes of two and three minutes, the existential story Toy story the character will reflect on the biggest questions in the universe, such as “What is money?” Even adults can appreciate Tony Hale’s mind-blowing vocal work.

Noelle: Anna Kendrick in a Christmas movie. You know which way you’re going to fall on it.

Of course, Disney + is more than new things. For many fans, this will be this back-catalog, led by The simpsons.

The simpsons was not available for streaming on demand before and while these DVDs seemed like a great idea at the time, releasing these discs is in 2008. The Australian Library features all episodes from seasons 1 to 29 (at the (except “Stark Raving Papa”, the Michael Jackson episode) and the movie.

There was dismay when Disney + launched in the United States last week over choosing to present the show on the big screen rather than its original 4: 3 aspect ratio, but Disney has since revealed that ‘it would integrate a 4: 3 option from next year.

Other back catalog highlights include all Pixar movies, Disney classics such as The Aristocats, Bambi and The little Mermaid, every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, including Avengers: Endgame, Fox films such as The sound of music and every Star wars movie.

There are older cartoons we grew up with like the 1980s Duck tales and Chip ‘n’ Dale: save the rangers.

My personal favorites that I will be sure to review are Lilo and Stitch, Monsters Inc and the short duration Agent Carter TV show that wasn’t always available to stream before.


For Marvel fans, Disney + will be the exclusive home of a bunch of upcoming shows, including spin-offs The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, What if…?, Hawk Eye and Ms. Marvel.

But the first of them is not expected to arrive until next year.


Here’s the full list of content available on Disney + at launch in Australia, painstakingly compiled by Dan Barrett, who writes the excellent Always be on the lookout for the newsletter.

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