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These Digivices won’t exactly help you save the digital world, but at least they can tell the time.

Premium Bandai official website is ready to sell a brand new set of digital watches known as Digimon Adventure Premium character watches. Inspired by the Digivices used by the eight protagonists of “Digistined” from the very first season of Digimon, these watches are available in eight different colors.

Each color represents the appearance of the Digivice when its respective owner Digimon partner evolves into its ultimate form.

The set includes all eight watches and a bracelet. Since the watches are interchangeable and removable from the bracelet, fans can “handle” the piece regularly as if it were their own Digivice.

Pre-orders are currently being accepted and the set will cost 9,180 yen (approx. US $ 74). The products will be shipped in October.

Digimon Adventure is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, with a new film series known as Digimon Adventure sorting. hits theaters on November 21.

Reservations opened earlier this month for Bandai’s Digimon Adventure sorting. Complete selection of Digivice animation.

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