Digital Watches Are Going Futuristic Again With This Awesome Collaboration


That’s where watches in the early 2020s come in, folks: everyone loves retro 60s and 70s styles and watchmakers are happy to provide it. At the same time, however, there is a craving for something fresh and current. It’s already seen watchmakers draw inspiration from video games and virtual reality, but Bulova may have just created the perfect blend of retro and futuristic.

A new version of the brand’s reissued 1970s LED watch, the Computron, has been created in collaboration with gaming company D-Cave. It’s a Computron that looks straight out of the 1982 movie tron. Previous versions of this funky pilot-style digital watch (with the time display facing the wearer on the wrist side) were steel with metallic finishes and a somewhat Art Deco look, but the new model reimagines it. completely. Now, with a black coating, redesigned details and brilliant green highlights to match its LED screen, it feels more at home in a digital gift.

bulova computron
The Bulova Computron D-Cave Special Edition watch will come with access to a virtual version that your avatar can wear in the Decentraland game.


It’s a version of the Bulova Computron D-Cave watch, but a second special edition takes the concept even further with a mineral crystal top that puts the watch’s IC on full display. It offers a striking look that seems to mimic the way mechanical watches display their clockwork, but is less common (but not unheard of) in digital and quartz watches. It also features different case details and a black IP coated steel strap instead of a silicone strap. This version is available not only as a physical watch that you can wear on your wrist, but also as a watch that your avatar can wear in the Decentraland virtual universe of D-Cave. This is phygital!

The Bulova Computron D-Cave Special Edition is “coming soon” and will be available “via a unique NFT drop” which will also grant access to the virtual version. For now, the standard Bulova Computron D-Cave is available to buy direct from the brand using cryptocurrency or, of course, regular cash for $450, a bit more than the standard price. from Computron.


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