CryptoBear Watch Club is here to shake up the luxury watch industry


CryptoBear Watch Club is one of the most anticipated non-fungible token launches of the year 2022. The public will take place on February 18, 2022.

Crypto Bear Watch Club (CBWC) is one of the most anticipated NFT of the year 2022, which is ready to shake up the luxury industry with its exclusive features such as top notch art, utility tokens, 3D avatars, watch giveaways , access to the sandbox, etc. The public sale for CBWC will take place on February 18, 2022 for 24 hours. Currently, the whitelist is open and places are filling up fast.

Everyone from NFT natives to luxury watch collectors are excited about the launch of CryptoBear Watch Clubs, especially because there is so much to do.

The project will release 10,000 unique collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. They are distinctive pieces featuring the unflappable bear character armed with intricately designed timepieces. But what gives CBWC the edge are regular, high-value rewards for members who hold their NFTs for long periods of time, rather than returning them.

Then there’s excitement for a whole new planet inside the metaverse.

At the center of the CBWC story is the planet Arkouda which sits on a 6×6 terrain in Sandbox, next to the central Atari hub. Arkouda is characterized by a sprawling natural landscape, ancient magical forms and objects of desire from the contemporary world. CBWC NFTs eventually evolve into 3D compatible avatars. All owners will be dropped with 3D files to enable their avatars to be used across the metaverse.

Post-launch development will begin on a P2E game further expanding Arkouda’s lore and introducing several characters aimed at the luxury goods market.

CryptoBear Watch Club is definitely an idea whose time has come.

Each CBWC NFT is uniquely hand-drawn and program-generated with over 450 unique traits – such as character fur, outfit, watch, color, watch complication and other facets, ensuring that each piece is a distinct work of art. But here’s what sets the project apart from several others currently cluttering the Metaverse; CBWC rewards hodlers with airdrops and utility tokens that can be redeemed for real high-end watches each month.

The project has pledged to return most royalties to the community in the form of luxury watches. MMORPG Play-to-Earn games are also live for release in the near future once the other characters from Arkouda’s world are released.

The future of the non-fungible CryptoBear Watch Club token is even brighter.

The private discord channel went live exclusively for CBWC members on 12/01/2021, giving members access to the club as well as global watch influencers and marketers. For every 1,000 copies, members will be rewarded with real watches from a limited edition collection. Among the rewards is the coveted Arkouda Token which can be used to purchase new collections, real watches, and other club luxuries. The token will also be the designated currency in the P2E game currently in development.

Post-mining things are going to get even bigger.

Members who hold their NFTs will receive rare rewards and participate in special games, puzzles and competitions. Solving the puzzles will earn them new NFTs that will be released in the future, as well as invites to global events and whitelisting future drops. CBWC is also showcasing custom Arkouda-branded merchandise that goes beyond hoodies and sneakers to showcase a local brand of luxury watches that will be shipped to CBWC’s most loyal members.

The road to launch is here.

the CBWC Discord Channel has already had over 50,000 members and the numbers are on the rise as mint day draws near. The whitelist is currently open and places are filling up fast. CBWC launches the public sale on 02/18/2022 for 24 hours. The stage is set for one of the most anticipated NFT launches of 2022.

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