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The Omega Constellation Globemaster epitomizes the art of watchmaking with its classic design and innovative features. Inspired by Omega’s heritage of precision and elegance, this timepiece blends traditional aesthetics with modern technology, boasting a Master Chronometer certification for superior accuracy. The Globemaster’s distinctive pie-pan dial and fluted bezel pay homage to Omega’s legacy while ensuring it stands out in any setting. Experience the epitome of sophistication and reliability with a watch that defines timeless elegance.

The Omega Constellation Co-Axial embodies the perfect harmony of timeless design and cutting-edge technology. With its iconic claws and luxurious materials, this watch is a symbol of sophisticated elegance. Featuring Omega’s innovative Co-Axial movement, it ensures exceptional accuracy and reliability. Whether worn for formal occasions or everyday luxury, the Constellation Co-Axial is crafted to reflect Omega’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and enduring style.

The Omega Constellation Manhattan is a symbol of timeless beauty and impeccable precision. With its distinctive “Griffes” or claws and elegant design, this watch exudes sophistication. Renowned for its iconic “Constellation star” and meticulously crafted details, the Manhattan embodies Omega’s commitment to excellence. Featuring the Co-Axial movement for superior performance, it’s a tribute to Omega’s heritage and innovation. Embrace the allure of luxury and precision with a watch that defines elegance in every detail.

The Omega Constellation Double Eagle combines robust functionality with refined aesthetics, making it a symbol of modern sophistication. Featuring a distinctive bezel design and luxurious materials, this watch exudes elegance. Equipped with Omega’s Co-Axial movement for superior precision, it offers reliability in every moment. Whether worn for business or leisure, the Double Eagle is crafted to elevate your style with its timeless appeal and enduring performance.

Love From Customers


Engineering Manager

Alice Howard

"The Moonwatch is a masterpiece! Its history and precision are unmatched. Wearing it feels like I'm part of a legendary journey. Truly a timeless classic."

Interior Designer

Nathan Marshall

"As a diver, I appreciate the Seamaster Diver 300M's reliability and style. It's robust and performs flawlessly underwater. Plus, it looks great with any outfit."


Ema Romero

"The Constellation is the epitome of elegance. The design is beautiful, and the watch is incredibly accurate. It’s perfect for both formal events and everyday wear."


Ann Smith

"The De Ville Prestige combines classic style with modern craftsmanship. It's sleek and sophisticated, and I receive compliments on it all the time. A truly elegant timepiece."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Omega watches come with a 5-year international warranty covering any manufacturing defects and repairs. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase and ensures your watch is serviced by authorized Omega service centers.

It is recommended to service your Omega watch every 4-5 years to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Regular servicing includes checking the movement, water resistance, and overall condition of the watch.

Yes, most Omega watches are water-resistant to varying degrees, depending on the model. For example, the Seamaster collection offers high levels of water resistance suitable for diving, while other models like the De Ville and Constellation are designed for everyday wear with moderate water resistance.

To authenticate an Omega watch, purchase from authorized Omega retailers or the official Omega website. Each watch comes with a warranty card and unique serial number. For added assurance, Omega offers a certification process through their service centers.

The Co-Axial escapement, invented by George Daniels and adopted by Omega, is a type of mechanical watch escapement that reduces friction, increases accuracy, and extends the service interval of the watch. It is a hallmark of Omega’s advanced watchmaking technology.