Chase philosophy on luxury watches



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Lubavitcher Moshe Kravitsky, an influencer who has taken the luxury industry by storm and won the respect of passionate investors for his precise predictions that have skyrocketed their investments, shares Chassidus’ take on the matter. Video

What about all the buzz in the luxury watch industry right now? If you think about it, these are just watches, right ???


Famous brands like Rolex, Patek and AP are solid products like gold, they have such powerful names – think Mishlei’s, Tov Shem Mshemen Tov (A good name is better than a good oil).

A recent study showed that Chinese investors prefer to invest in luxury watches over real estate, I wonder if this has anything to do with low supply.

But is there something stronger that drives the world to the point of total and utter infatuation – obsession – with luxury watches? Chabad Lubavitcher Chossid – Moshe Kravitsky shares some Chassidus perspective on the matter – and brings some very powerful points in the hopes of refocusing attention on what is really going on here.




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