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Bob’s Watches is one of the world’s leading online marketplaces for buying, selling and trading used luxury watches. Originally founded in the mid-1990s and relaunched in 2010 with a focus on providing customers with a full-service e-commerce platform, Bob’s Watches offers the world’s largest selection of Used rolex watches; However, the company also specializes in a wide variety of other luxury watch brands including Omega, Tudor, Breitling, Panerai, Cartier, Grand Seiko, Oris and Patek Philippe.

Bob’s Watches Gold Submariner 16618 Daytona Steel

Based in sunny Southern California, Bob’s Watches currently operates its flagship retail storefront and main offices in a 10,000 square foot independent building in Newport Beach, as well as regional offices in New York and Miami, in Florida. One of the main advantages of specializing in pre-owned luxury watches instead of being a direct retailer for the brands it stocks is that Bob’s Watches is able to offer both current production models. in addition to vintage classics that have been discontinued and unavailable at retail for several decades.

“How did we become the most reliable destination in the world to buy and sell pre-owned luxury watches? “ Asks Bob’s Watches founder and CEO Paul Altieri. “We started by tackling the number one problem in the used watch industry: transparency.

Paul Altieri for Bob's Watches.  Photo credit: Michael Buckner / Robb Report / REX / Shutterstock
Paul Altieri for Bob’s Watches. Photo credit: Michael Buckner / Robb Report / REX / Shutterstock

One of the most important factors that separate Bob’s watches other used luxury watch dealers is that the company openly publishes the “buy” and “sell” prices for each watch model on its website. This creates a unique environment with 100% transparent pricing, where anyone, whether interested in buying or selling a watch, can go to the Bob’s Watches website and get information on current and accurate prices for virtually all luxury watch models.

Photo courtesy of Bob's Watch
Photo courtesy of Bob’s Watch

To further ensure a secure experience for customers, all watches are carefully examined inside and out by a certified watchmaker, ensuring that every component, down to every small gear and screw, is 100%. % authentic. If repairs or maintenance are required, all watches are fully restored and guaranteed before being sold to their next owners. Bob’s Watches backs every luxury watch it sells with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity, which is in addition to the company’s standard warranty, which guarantees the proper functioning of the watch itself. Additionally, Bob’s Watches is the only online luxury watch retailer that offers optional third-party authenticity reports as an added layer of protection for its buyers.

    Bob's watch
Photo courtesy of Bob’s Watch

Beyond the e-commerce platform side of the business, Bob’s Watches also operates a number of media channels, including a blog and Youtube channel, in the same way Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts that all specialize in creating content for collectors and watch enthusiasts. While the primary focus of the business will always be to create a safe and secure environment for people to buy, sell and trade luxury watches at their true fair market prices, Bob’s Watches also aims to cultivate an engaging community and educational for passionate people. on watches, where they can connect with other watch enthusiasts and learn more about their favorite models before making their purchase.

 Bob's watch
Photo courtesy of Bob’s Watch

With over a decade of experience specifically in the online luxury watch industry, Bob’s Watches is the West Coast’s premier destination for pre-owned luxury watches and is an industry leader when it s it is about buying, selling and exchanging heritage quality watches at their fair value. market price. For more information, visit



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