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Guys who are looking for a style that goes way beyond their wardrobe can count on adding accessories to give their prep game a boost. Watches have always been a sign of sophistication, sportiness, sex appeal and swagger. Even if a man doesn’t like bracelets or necklaces very much, a watch is certainly a different story. In fact, it’s an everyday essential that perfectly combines fashion and function.

Below are the eight best digital watches for men. They are sleek and elegant, bringing all the modern elements of technology to a timepiece. At different prices and with a range of models, there is something for anyone looking for a digital watch that shows their personality and preferences.

Nixon Regulus Watch

Masculine and robust, the Nixon Regulus watch is quite the highlight of the show. On your wrist, its stocky aesthetic is essential. Made in partnership with the United States Special Operations Corps, this unique design is powerful and prepared for whatever the day may bring. The Regulus is very durable, water resistant and well protected, and the adjustable light is a nice plus. Nixon knows what they’re doing, and if you choose this watch, you’ll be on board with the best.

Cost: $ 165.00

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Fossil Slater Digital Smoke Stainless Steel Watch

Fossil gets it right with a simple everyday design, a snug and comfortable fit, and a great price to boot. The watch screen is simple with all the essentials without too much interference. The basics are covered. Any guy would look great with the Slater Digital smoke stainless steel watch on their wrist, and the style ranges from casual to formal, adapting to any occasion. Water resistant and portable, this one is a no-brainer.

Cost: $ 47.60

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Bulova Computron

This beautiful Bulova watch looks super futuristic and fun, even though the design is retro in nature. Created with shiny and flawless stainless steel, the Computer is chic and cool, with a bright blue screen and eye-catching angles in its craftsmanship. Any man who wears this Bulova piece is sure to have plenty of adoring fans who marvel at his eye for accessories. It’s hard to pass up a piece of jewelry like this. With this watch on your wrist, you can keep your wardrobe simple and stand out from the crowd. Or, brighten it up and go for a full fashion moment. Either way, the Computer is clearly a winner.

Cost: $ 245.00

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Adidas Archive_MR2 Watch

Adidas is best known for its sportswear and sneakers, as well as other sports equipment. However, they are taking their prop game to a new level with the Archive_MR2. The gold and black design is sleek and creative, with a bangle style bangle that’s perfect for any gentleman who knows how to dress to impress. It looks like a classic, but with a modern twist that exudes elegance. The calendar function and the water resistant elements make this watch very special. Pair this watch with your other Adidas gear for a head-to-toe look that’s accessible and achievable all day.

Cost: $ 140.00

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Guess watch with black silicone case

Casual and comfortable, this affordable watch from Guess is an everyday item that men can put on and go without hesitation. Nicely equipped with the basic functions, this water resistant watch makes a great gift or something simple for yourself. The folks at Guess never fail to keep up with fashion trends, and this accessory fits the bill. You will wear this Guess digital watch for years to come without worrying about looking outdated or disconnected. Guess takes the to guesswork off to accessorize!

Cost: $ 48.30

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Armitron Climax 49

The round dial and rugged appeal of this Armitron watch appeal to men who prefer an imposing watch over something slim or sleek. The bold style is outward and obvious, creating an unmissable focal point for your overall look. The High point 49 is water resistant and also has a useful pedometer and calorie counter, so be prepared to move and keep the measurements while you’re at it. No more excuses!

Cost: $ 45.00

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Connected citizen

This Citizen hybrid watch can connect to your smartphone, bringing high tech capabilities to a classic design. The blue dial blends well with the stainless steel design of the watch, and the overall appeal of this timeless-meets-tech accessory is perfect for today’s modern man. Use the watch to simply tell the time or take advantage of its convenient Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music, track your fitness and more. Multi-use means business and Citizen has it all.

Cost: $ 177.00

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G-Shock GM5600-1

G-Shock knows how to design an extraordinary watch, and their GM5600-1 is a force to be reckoned with. A rugged overall design with impact resistance gives this waterproof watch a masculine energy. It really showcases a man’s confidence as well as his smart sense of style. Despite its rugged exterior, the watch is surprisingly light and wearable all day. The backlight is easy on the eyes, which is a plus since you’ll be watching this high-quality number all day long.

Cost: $ 180.00

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A high quality watch will enhance your look!

Whatever your taste in digital watches, you are sure to find one on this list that fits your taste and budget. Of course, you can take the time on your smartphone, but adding an element of style to your look is always a plus. Indulge yourself this holiday season or any time of the year with one of these eight best digital watches for men. Trends come and go, but your watch has to be something that lasts for a long time.

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