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Learning to tell the time can become difficult for children as the three rotating clock hands are overwhelming for their developing minds. However, if you want to give them a head start, you might want to give them a digital watch. With these devices, your little ones could easily tell the time, helping them understand its dynamics. In addition, some digital watches also come with a calendar, alarm and stopwatch, which makes them interesting! If you are looking for a digital watch for your child, make sure it has a durable body so that it can keep up with your child’s energy and awkward routine. Here are some great affordable digital watch options on Amazon that would be perfect for your kids.

Trendy digital watch Emartos

The Emartos Fashion Digital Watch has a silicone strap in a camouflage design. This not only makes the device look great, but also adds to its stability and durability. Powered by a high-precision digital mechanism, the watch shows the time of day and day of the week, making your little one more organized and up-to-date. Equipped with both water and shock resistance, the trendy Emartos digital watch can take a lot of bumps. The device also has an alarm, stopwatch and bright LED display that can keep your child busy.

Unisex digital watch for kids V2A

The V2A Unisex Kids Digital Watch features an EL Light button, which allows your little one to switch between different display modes. One is normal mode and the other is ambient mode highlighting screen content. The function guarantees good visibility day and night. It can provide time in both 12-24 hour format, ensuring your child feels comfortable around them. Moreover, since it is equipped with a stopwatch, they could also participate in impromptu competitions! The V2A Unisex Children’s Digital Watch also familiarizes your child with the a.m. and p.m. time, thanks to its am and pm display.

KOOL KIDZ digital watch

The KOOL KIDZ digital watch has a week print that indicates the day of the week, allowing your child to learn to navigate through the different days without any hassle. Coming in multi-light mode, the watch can change its display colors, which makes it interesting. It also has 12 and 24 hour formats, which can be changed easily with the push of a button! The KOOL KIDZ digital watch is also water resistant, giving you the peace of mind that accidental spills won’t ruin it. In addition to these features, the digital watch also incorporates a sturdy body and a comfortable strap.

Acnos digital watch

The Acnos digital watch is available in high quality mesh which makes it suitable for different occasions including sports, weddings and festivals. Since this is a quartz watch, please rest assured that it will always provide an accurate and precise time. It is equipped with a stainless steel buckle which can withstand all sudden knocks and shocks. Your child can easily switch between their different functions and change their settings, thanks to its seamless and smooth user interface. The Acnos Digital Watch also has an illuminated button with which the illumination of the watch can be changed. Overall, this digital watch would be a great way to introduce your child to the world of time!



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