9 Best Solar Powered Luxury Watches


Throughout human history, our ancestors have always relied on the sun as a source of light to help them determine how long before dark. Since then, as technological innovation has gradually progressed, we have slowly come to understand the ability of the nearest star and harness its power to aid us in our timing ability. But it may not be in the form of sundials anymore – solar-powered watches use the sun’s energy to keep telling the time.

We’ve listed some of the most sought-after solar-powered watches today, serving industry feats. Watches like the TAG Heuer Aquaracer and Cartier Solarbeat Tank Must are among the best-known models, but other brands have their own history and impeccable quality that should not be missed.

1. TAG Heuer Aquaracer

One of the famous solar-powered wristwatches of our time is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer – a watch designed for people who love to explore the natural beauty of the world, from the deepest part of the ocean to the highest top of the mountains.

With its sleek design, the 12-sided unidirectional bezel features a slimline base that gives it maximum grip even when wearing gloves. It also has six design codes that make it reliable and stylish enough to wear whenever and wherever you want. Available in a 40mm or 30mm stainless steel case, it is an ideal companion for adventures not only for men but also for our brave women.

2. Cartier SolarBeat Tank Must

The famous Cartier brand has created another innovation: the Cartier SolarBeat Tank Must. We all know how simple yet elegant the Cartier Tank is, but its combination with innovative technology makes it one of the best eco-friendly and truly majestic luxury watches.

Cartier launched the SolarBeat Tank Must in 2021. While maintaining its famous classic look and design, this new Cartier watch incorporated a light-powered quartz movement. It can last up to 16 years before its battery needs to be replaced. This collectible watch will surely be at the top of the watch most chosen by people who seek elegance, simplicity and unparalleled quality.

3. Seiko 5X Astron Series

The release of the Seiko 5X Astron series pays homage to the Seiko Quartz which ushered in the quartz revolution and proved its worth beyond expectation. Released in 2019, this series has multiple styles from 1969 as it retained the same curved silhouette case and ultra-thin bezel. But even if it respects its heritage, its design has been associated with the latest technologies that the watch industry has acquired.

A true limited edition, the solar-powered wristwatch has a case back that bears the 50th anniversary logo along with a serial number. This one-of-a-kind watch comes with a heavy-duty silicone strap that you can use whenever you want a more casual look.

4. Garmin Fenix ​​6 – Pro Solar Edition

If you are looking for a solar-powered smartwatch, the Garmin Fenix ​​6 – Pro Solar Edition is one of the best choices. It may not be as expensive as previous watches, but this smartwatch cannot be overlooked. The Fenix ​​6 is one of the brand’s most advanced GPS smartwatches that can last up to 16 days of battery life and is powered by the solar charging system feature.

As a smartwatch, it has heart rate monitoring, Ox2 pulse counter and most importantly it can measure your breathing rate. You can also install other third-party apps of your choice, such as different cycling apps that you may need. It also has 32 GB of storage that you can use anytime. This is a solar powered watch specially designed for fitness and sports enthusiasts all over the world.

5. Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

The T-Touch Connect Solar represents the ancient but still relevant philosophy of Tissot: innovators by tradition. As Tissot continues its journey to create the best watches people will love, they have released one of its famous innovations. This creation is the famous T-Touch Connect Solar watch – a private, interactive and autonomous watch that everyone would surely admire.

Tiny solar detectors are placed with their dial to capture each light, converting it into the energy needed to operate the quartz mechanism. This durable technology allows Tissot to create timepieces that would work for several months, even without recharging. This feature improves the ergonomics of the watch and makes it unique compared to other luxury mechanical watches.

Final Thoughts

The biggest advantage of having a solar powered watch is that it uses sustainable energy and doesn’t require you to replace the battery every few years. Due to its minimal and less expensive maintenance, more and more people are choosing to have solar powered watches over traditional watches.

With the list of best solar powered watches above, we hope you opt for a more durable and energy efficient piece that you can cherish for a long time. If you want to discover more solar powered watches, you can visit WatchShopping.com.


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