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High-tech smartwatches may be getting all the attention right now, but there is still a place for digital watches. With much longer battery life, more durable cases and smart features, here’s our pick of the best on the market.

1. Casio F-91W: £ 7 Amazon

This is the classic Casio, and truly the classic digital watch. It’s as simple as it gets: it has three buttons, an easy-to-read dial, and a backlight. It’s inexpensive, sturdy, and simple.

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2. Digimec Storm for men: £ 130, Fraser House

Lots of watches claim to be futuristic – but it really looks like the kind of watch an advanced alien race would wear. It shows the time in an amazing way that makes the face look like a work of art, even if it is not that readable.

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3. Garmin Vivoactive Unisex: £ 130, curries

It’s about to be smart – it has Bluetooth and GPS, and can use them to give you information like the weather with a companion app – but it’s also pretty straightforward. So if you want to try smartwatches but don’t want anything too fancy, this might do the trick.

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4. Swatch Touch Snowflake Yellow: £ 67, sample

Swatch’s Touch digital watches are unmistakably distinctive. Using a large LCD screen and no push buttons, they have a futuristic but slightly retro look. They are sturdy and perform normal functions, and are available in a wide range of different colors and designs.

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5. Timex Marathon: £ 21, watch shop

This is explicitly designed for runners, without packing in all of the often expensive technology that comes with such watches. It has all the features you need to time your workout and build to withstand the exercise, but it packs it all into one package at a decent price.

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6. Suunto Ambit 3 visor for men: £ 210, shake

It’s a serious walking watch and can track where you’ve been as well as how far you’ve been. It does all of this while maintaining a classic design and sturdy construction and offers a simple way to tell the time.

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7. Nixon Newton digital: £ 110, the watch hut

Available in a range of colors, Nixon’s watch does little more than tell the time, but it does so in a design-conscious way. A huge readout gives you access to the time quickly and a thick face and strap mean it won’t get damaged.

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8. Adidas Men Santiago XL: £ 67, watch store

It has a slightly old school look; more ’90s than’ 90s, it’s sportier than the Casios on the list. It contains all the features you would expect, like a timer and an alarm, around the brand’s distinctive logo and stripes.

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9. Lorus alarm chronograph watch: £ 24, watch shop

Lorus makes watches that are reliable and practical, easy to use and will take a bit of trouble. This one is a new launch for this year and comes in a durable plastic case.

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ten. Casio Classic Leisure Watch For Men: £ 25, Amazon

Essentially the sleeker version of the F-91W, this pack contains all of the same (very few) features but with a steel body. It’s still firmly in the digital watch camp – but without the look and feel of plastic.

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The Casio F-91W is a classic, and for good reason – it’s cheap and straightforward, doing all it needs and nothing it doesn’t. If its retro look is a bit too much, then you can get the one with the stainless steel bracelet, for a little more class.

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